Thursday, April 21

First Line Contest - Vote!

Alright, here they are, the entries for the 'First Line' Contest! I have arranged the entries in no particular order, and numbered them. To the right in the first Gadget column there is a poll. Use the poll to vote for your favorites by number. You can choose more than one, and anyone is welcome to vote! The winner will be receiving a $5.00 gift card to the book store of their choice, so choose wisely! :)

1. I just assumed I’d visit people in their dreams like my mother did.

2. Rachel never knew how see would die, but she knew exactly when it would happen.

3. How can something bad make you feel like light itself?

4. Murderers should be forced to take Sabbatical during the winter months—this is seriously stupid.

5. The first 'last time' was when I was ten.

6. Killing my instructor would be easy.

7. Anyone who eats the brown M&Ms is an idiot.


  1. Love this...I didn't even vote for my own. Those are RAD!

  2. There are some great first lines. Thanks for hosting the contest!

  3. How did you folks come up with those?! :D
    Love them all!

  4. I eat the brown m&ms! ;P

    Awesome idea Marian, hope to see more contests!

  5. I think you're only an idiot if you don't eat ANY M&Ms