Saturday, October 27

Giveaway City!

While I drown in the 857,461 things I have to finish before I pick of the family from the airport tomorrow, I wanted to post a quickie and let you know there are three awesome giveaways going on!

One: We are giving away a copy of Once Upon a Second Chance on Goodreads! Enter here.

Two: The lovely Anna at Literary Explorations is giving away the very first--and very unique--copy of The Holders! And a Necklace and bracelet set to boot! Check this one out here.

Three: Once Upon a Second Chance is only 10 people away from reaching 100 'to reads' on GR, at which time I will be giving away a custom necklace! Deets here. If you haven't entered yet, get in before it's too late!

That's it for now, but I'll be back this coming week with tons of news!

See ya then!


Wednesday, October 17

'Writer' vs. Writer

Top Ten things most people who like to call themselves writers do:

1. Research publishing/querying stats
2. Join writing forums
3. Change/create social media to fit the 'author' profile
4. Start a blog about writing
5. Look for new/cool writing supplies
6. Research all the blogs they hope to one day try promote with
7. Follow/Like other aspiring writers, authors, agents and publishers
8. Read books about writing
9. Think about what their book cover will look like
10. Plan out which places they will try to book signing and events for their book release, tours, and parties

Number 1 thing most people who like to call themselves writers don't do:

1. Write

Food for thought.

Happy Wednesday! :-)

Thursday, October 11

I'm not a miserable person, I swear...

So... I have very exciting news, but I hesitate to tell you because one: you may start to think I am a horrible person that even my loved ones don't want to be around, or two: your jealousy may begin to make you hate me out of spite.

But in the interest of honestly, I will tell you anyway...

Remember a few months ago my amazing husband took our two little kids to visit his parents in Florida and I got two weeks of freedom? Well... it's happening again! Everyone in my house--other than me--will board a plane on Saturday bound for California, and they will be gone for 16 days, sailing with my in laws on a Disney cruise bound for Hawaii.

(Now, before you say "Why in God's name aren't you going?!?!?!", let me inform you that I have no desire to go--at all. I have a ton of writing to do, not to mention the last cruise I went on I go so seasick that I vowed never to set foot on a boat again.)

The trip was sort of out of nowhere, but we are all very excited. My in-laws work for Disney and they get last minutes deals on the Disney cruises, and basically we are paying less than fifteen hundred dollars for three people to go on a 14 night cruse--and that's not per person, that's total. At regular fare, it would have been over eight thousand. Yeah, so it was almost impossible to turn down.

What do I have planned? Why, thank you for asking. :-) I will be finishing my WIP. (Yes the same one I was working on the last time I had a break.) Yeah, yeah, theoretically I should have finished it a while ago, but in my defense, I have had two books to edit in the meantime, so it has been on the back burning for a few months. But this time it will absolutely be done before the family gets back. That is not a pipe-dream this time, it is a necessity. I no longer have a choice. It needs to get done so that Superstar Agent can take it off to market, and so that I can get to work on THE HOLDERS book 2, which is due in March.

Also, baby brother will be coming to visit for a few days, which is always fun.

So, now that you are thinking that I am a horrible person whose own family can't even stand to be around so they run for the hills every chance they get... what are you up to this fine week?  :-)

Sunday, October 7


I Love Fall!

I love cool air, and leaves falling, and big sweaters, and warm blankets.

I love pumpkins, and baking, and hot drinks, and fireplaces.

I love boots, and jackets, and fuzzy socks in the morning.

I love having to turn the heat on in the car, and the end of Daylight Savings.

I love Halloween costumes and planning Thanksgiving dinners, baking apple pie, and all the Fall themed episodes on Food Network.

I love the football games(even thought I am not particularly a fan), and hearing all the local marching bands practicing each evening.

I Love Fall!

... just sayin'...