Wednesday, June 29

RWA Conference Day 1

Well I'm here in the Big Apple, and trust me, that was no easy feat...

I missed the only seminar that I wanted to go to today due to an extremely delayed flight, a 2 hour shuttle ride from the airport to the hotel, and the hotel's strict no-check-in-before-3:00 policy. That, plus too much walking in bad shoes, dehydration, and motion sickness all made for a pretty horrible day. The only conference thing I was able to do was register, get my 'swag bag' and check out the 'goodie room' which was basically a long room FILLED with business cards and bookmarks advertising for upcoming books by conference attending authors.

The awesome news is that my conference bag had TONS of free books in it, and a lot of them were things I had actually wanted to read! I post a picture of everything I got tomorrow. I will also post anything I learn at my numerous seminars tomorrow that is of general interest to writers so that all my blogging buddies can get something out of this experience too! Just so you know, I will only post things I hear actually come out of the mouths of editors and agents--not the plethora of rumors and speculation that circulate like crazy at things like this. So anything I tell you, you can take to the bank. :)

As for now however, I am exhausted and going to hit the sack!

Good night all, and I'll talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Aww . . . sorry your first day was sort of suck-ish. Here's hoping tomorrow is a lot more enjoyable! :o) Looking forward to your next blog post :o)

  2. Dude, that's just a crap first day--BUT, free books are like TUMS for the soul.

    Have fun & enjoy!