Monday, October 24

Blog Awards!

I am nearly done with my first draft of my current WIP, and might just be able to do some regular blog posts by the end of the week! Yay! As it stands, I have a list of topics sitting on a digital post-it note on my desk top, but I refuses to let my self succumb to the temptation to blog, as I figure if I have time to blog, I have time to write.

In the meantime however, I received two blog awards this week, and our of respect for the givers, didn't want to put off posting and passing them on. Though the fact that I even got them is somewhat crazy considering I haven't posted in so long, I'd thought people had basically forgotten about me!

First off the Your Blog is Fabulous Award from Janice Mullin

As well as the Beautiful Blogger Award from Kaite Purseglove,(yes, that is her real name)

Thank you SO much ladies!

The rules were to pass them on to four each, but as I got two in one week, I am going to make my own rules. Oh, yeah, that's right, I'm a rebel. :)

I am going to pass them on to three bloggers each. The Fabulous Award will go to Jen Daiker and Angela Cook, and the Beautiful Blogger to Angela Cook again(as I am loving her new look), and Bethany C (because, who doesn't love a good short bus!).

Be talking to you all real soon!

Have a great week!


  1. Muchas gracias! Thank you for those lovely awards! My blog will wear them with pride :o) And congrats on (almost) finishing your WIP! Now the fun part begins ;-)

  2. Aw...shucks. Thanks, friend. I cannot promise I will follow the rules and pass it on (I never follow the rules), but I can promise I will display it on my blog with pride and smile big every time I look at it. AND I'm in good company. I love that girl up there ^^^

  3. Angela - Fun indeed. :/

    Bethany - Rules are for squares! :) No worries, I didn't follow the rules either!