Tuesday, June 5

Twisted Fairy Flash Fiction

I spent pretty much all of Sunday working on my submission for the Fairy Tale Twist Flash Fiction Contest being held at a convention I am attending in August. Flash Fiction is a story told in less than 500 words, and the theme this year is alternate or twisted fairy tales. I was super excited as I had a great idea, and spent all day working on it only to finish and try to submit it to find that I am not in fact eligible to enter until next year. Grrr! Damn fine print... 

Anyway, since I now have no use for this tiny little tale (the theme for next year's contest will be different), I figured I post it here and let you all have a read. It's slightly disturbing, and I hope you enjoy. :)

    “Where is my money?” He was not going to get away with this. He obviously had no idea who he was dealing with.
    “I’m sorry, is there a problem?” Jackson said with a sneer, as Linda stormed in to find him still dressed in his finery from the night before.
    “My payment. Where is it?”
    “Ah yes,” he said, slimy sarcasm hanging from his words, “the fee for using your talents to find me a lady companion. It’s very simple; you find yourself without money, because,” he paused spreading his arms wide,     “I find myself without a companion.”
    “You told me what you wanted and I found her. I cleaned her up, dressed her the way you like, and delivered her. I filled my end of the deal. If you scared her off, that is not my problem. She is not the first woman who couldn’t bear more than one night in your company, and I’m sure she won’t be the last.”
    His glare was stone. “You would do well to mind your words.”
    “You don’t scare me. Where is my money?”
    “You will be paid if she’s found.”
    “You could have any woman you want. Move on to your next toy, and give me what I am owed.”
    “Exactly, I can have any woman,” he stroked his greasy hair proudly, “and I have, and they are all the same. The fun is gone. But this one is different. She thinks she’s strong,” he snickered, “wants to be in control. She still has a will, like a young horse, wild, bright eyed, happy, and full of dreams just waiting to be crushed. She will be a challenge to break,” he smiled, “and I love a challenge.”
    “Well, you are off to quite a start, less than a day and she has already escaped,” Linda mocked. “And honestly, I don’t know how, trust me, no woman could run in the shoes I gave her,” she added more to herself.
    He chuckled slightly. “No, she couldn’t, and lucky for you. That will be how I get her back. My men are out scouring the kingdom as we speak.”
    No sooner had he finished, than a terrible cry was heard from the courtyard below. They both moved to the window to watch as two guards drug a screaming woman, now dressed only in rags, into the palace as she tried everything in her power to get away.
    Linda smiled as she recognized the woman and held out her hand. “My money?
    Prince Jackson reached into his pocket and pulled out a sack of gold coins, dropping it into her palm with a grin. “Lovely doing business with you, as always.”
    Linda tied the purse to her belt giving him a curtsy. “I’ll leave you to your prize,” she said turning to go, the desperate screeches of the woman now echoing through the corridors.
    “Thank you,” he said, his eyes already alight with excitement. “By the way,” his voice stopped her just as she reached the door, “I liked the shoes. Glass. Nice touch.”


  1. So wrong! And so cool! And wrong! Really liked it! Too bad you couldn't enter!

  2. Ha, thanks Adriana! Yeah, I was bummed, but it's my own fault. Didn't read the rules close enough. Have to be a member for two years before I am eligible for any contests. Boo.

  3. That was awesome! I LOVED IT! It was dark . . . and sexy (my type of thing! Ha!). That would actually make a good novel ;-) Well done!

  4. Thanks Angela! Creepy Prince Charming and Evil Fairy Godmother were floating my boat that day. Hey, everybody's got some evil in them. ;)

  5. You just can't leave me hanging here. You're a cruel one, Marian.

  6. Haha, Sorry Feather! But no cliffhangers really, just a reinterpretation of Cinderella. But with a not so HEA for Cinder. :)

  7. Well the convention's loss is our gain. :) Very fun...and yes, disturbing...flash fiction. So the glass slippers were just a wicked ploy all along.

  8. I know that's disappointing to do all that work then find out a technicality will prevent you from entering the contest, but I agree with Nicki...it's a wonderful little short and thank you for sharing it with us!

    This fairy godmother is quite a beatch, and the prince is not so charming. Love it.

  9. Nicki - Thanks! It was fun to do, even if I can't submit!

    Jennifer - Glad you liked! Fun to mix things up every once in a while. :)