Wednesday, December 12

Breaking up is hard to do...

There often come a time to part ways. It's sad, but it happens. Marian Vere and Julianna Scott have been the best of friend, but the time has finally arrived for them to go their separate ways--in the blogging world anyway.

This may seem sudden, but allow me to explain.

Marian has been blogging here for several years. She has had a blast and has made awesome friends along the way. However, the time has come for Julianna to set out and begin blogin on her own to prepare for her book release this coming March. Marian and Julianna are both perfectly willing to blog separately -the problem is their handler. She is only one person--me--and I have yet to find a way to add hours to the day. Short of building a cartoon-super-villain style 'time device' in my basement, there is no way I will be able to up keep two blogs constantly. Thus, Marian Vere will have to take a back seat for a while in the blogging world so that Julianna can start her own blogging adventures.

That is not to say that nothing will be posted here, as I will still be sure to post news and anything pertinent to Marian, but if you would like to continue following me in the blogosphere--and I hope you do--you will now find me as Julianna Scott at her new author website, . Not only are there brand new diggs, but for the next ten days I will be reposting the ten most popular posts from this very blog.

Also, if you are in a surfing mood, you can check out the new website for Julianna's upcoming book, THE HOLDERS, here.

I promise for all of our sakes to continue work on my time device--though fair warning, all I have so far is a sketch of what looks like a jukebox with a satellite dish on it, so it might take a while. But until then, I love you all, thanks so much for understanding, and I'll see you over at the new site!



  1. I wish you both well at your parting of ways, but you haven't really parted, just changed, and in a good way. I'm excited for both of you. :)