Saturday, February 4


A Free-form poem by Marian Lee Vere


Why is the shortest line in the grocery store always the slowest?
Why do the important emails come when you have no way to check for them?
Why--knowing the above--do I stare at my screen waiting for them anyway?
Why will my daughter eat everything off of the floor, but nothing off of her highchair tray?
Why do I buy health food I know I will never eat?
Why do I lie to myself week after week, insisting the cookies in the shopping cart are "for the kids"?
Why must every TV show I like get canceled or loose half their cast right when I decide to like it?
Why do I keep trying to force myself to like the 'classics'? (Sorry Mr. Poe, Mr. Verne, and Mr. Homer, you are not for me.)
Why must the Cadbury Eggs get smaller every year? (I can't be the only one noticing this!)
Why can't I count writing a blog post as writing, so when hubby asks me, "Did you get any writing done today?" I can say, "Yes. Yes, I did."


  1. Haha! LOVED THESE! Especially the last one ;o) For some reason, my husband doesn't consider writing a blog post as working. What?!? Sometimes writing a blog post is more work than working on my WIP!

  2. Yes! And Writing is writing, damn it! It's called practicing, so I am that much better when I work on my WIP! :)

  3. This is great! Made my day!

    And LOVE the new site! So cute and girly! <3

  4. Thanks Adriana, I love it too! And it is SO much easier to maintain!

    Thanks for stopping!

  5. Love love love! You are an amazing poet!