Monday, February 20

Inspiration Wall

In the style of Pintrest--which everyone seems to love, but I refuse to join, as I don't need any more excuses to waste time online--I have decided to introduce everyone to my new book with an inspiration wall. All of the following pictures inspired my story in one way or another. Some of them I found while planning, others I came across later, but they all represent some person, place, theme, or object from my new YA romantic fantasy; Emerald Awakening: A Black Iris Novel. I hope you enjoy!

Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

MC's brother

MC's father. Direct result of both Jane Eyre and X-Men First
Class coming out the month I was writing. :)

St. Brigid's Cross

Closest I could find to Alex: main guy.
As for my MC Becca, combine the following two pictures, make her 17, and you'll be pretty close to what I see in my head.

Note: I own none of these pictures, and they were found using Google images. Some of the people pictured are actors, some are models, and some are regular folks. All the images were marked as 'no permissions needed for use', and were available on multiple sites.


  1. I likey! Those pics are beautiful (especially the ones of the men folk, hehe). You've definitely piqued my interest ;-) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks! It's always fun looking for the men! But let me tell you; when searching for generic pictures of guys, be VERY careful of your word choices or you'll find some... um... interesting stuff. ;)

  3. These pics are great, but I have to say that your 'Alex' looks just like my brother! Going to have to put that image out of my head when I read your book! =) Really like this idea! Good post!

  4. Ha! Good idea! No one wants to picture their brother kissing... well... anyone. >_< Ick!

    Thanks for stopping!

  5. Hubby and I are planning an Irish getaway for our 15th anniversary (2 years away). This just reconfirmed why I want to go there. (The hot boys come with the "all inclusive" package, right?!)