Thursday, March 29

Con De Plume

Lets talk about con artists... I mean pen names. My agent and I decided that since I am writing in two genres, that it would be beneficial to have two names--Marian Vere for my Women's Fiction, and the newly created Julianna Scott for my YA.

I have spent the last week setting up Julianna Scott with all the usual suspects: website, Facebook, etc., and I got to thinking that in a lot of ways, being a writer isn't all that different from being a con artist.

  • We spend our lives making up stories that we hope others believe--or at least believe enough to be willing to take the journey with us.
  • We use our experiences and the experiences of others to build our stories, deliberately preying on readers emotions to create a lasting impression.
  • We create false identities that are not only practical in the business but, let's face it, make us feel delightfully shifty and mysterious. :)
So, while I get beck to grifting... er, um... pen name building, I'm curious, do you have an writing alter-ego? Ever thought about it?


  1. I don't really have a writing alter-ego, unless you count the demon I turn into if someone interupts me during my "writing time" ;o) Hehehe . . .

    BTW, I left you a DM on Twitter (I got my package-squee!!)

  2. I will totally be using a pen name, but I'm worried that if I pick it before I get an agent I will jinx myself. ;-)

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