Sunday, March 4

Vacations, and Races, and Colds, Oh my...


I've been gone for two weeks now, but after a vacation to Florida, a half marathon, and a post-trip cold, I am back! Who-haw!

While this post will be a shorty, there have been a few things going on these past few weeks I wanted to mention before I get back into the swing.

First, one of my virtual-buddies, the lovely, talented, and sweet, Angela Cook has landed herself an agent! YAY! Stop over and see her at The Starving Novelist and give her a virtual high-five!

The fabulousity that is Agent Carly Watters, recently wrote a blog post about what happens to submissions after you hit the 'send' button, and it has created quiet a buzz. Check it out here.

To all of you that wished me well last week for my half-marathon, thank you so much! Obviously I made it, and my time was actually the best one I've ever had! Due to heart issues I wasn't allowed to run, so I walked it and finished in 3:27:12. I was very happy!

Over the next week I will make up for all my lost time with several posts, including a meme, passed to me the aforementioned fabulous Angela Cook, so stay tuned!

Have a great week, and I'll talk to you soon!