Wednesday, October 17

'Writer' vs. Writer

Top Ten things most people who like to call themselves writers do:

1. Research publishing/querying stats
2. Join writing forums
3. Change/create social media to fit the 'author' profile
4. Start a blog about writing
5. Look for new/cool writing supplies
6. Research all the blogs they hope to one day try promote with
7. Follow/Like other aspiring writers, authors, agents and publishers
8. Read books about writing
9. Think about what their book cover will look like
10. Plan out which places they will try to book signing and events for their book release, tours, and parties

Number 1 thing most people who like to call themselves writers don't do:

1. Write

Food for thought.

Happy Wednesday! :-)


  1. Well said! It's amazing how many writers are more concerned about building their "social persona" than improving their craft. I know it's good to have your name "out there" for publicity reasons, but if you don't have a book TO publicize ... what's the point?

    1. Exactly! There is MORE than enough time for all that stuff later. From contract to release date, it is an average of two years--which is plenty of time. But you are absolutely right: no book = no contract = no point in all the rest.

  2. I spend WAY more time on social networking than I do on writing. Good call!

  3. The only quote I've tagged on my Goodreads profile:

    "Don't be a writer. Be writing." - William Faulkner

    The thing I miss most since getting a book published is writing. I'm having fun out here, but I also miss the bubble I was in before the necessity of marketing popped my writing time into suds.