Thursday, October 11

I'm not a miserable person, I swear...

So... I have very exciting news, but I hesitate to tell you because one: you may start to think I am a horrible person that even my loved ones don't want to be around, or two: your jealousy may begin to make you hate me out of spite.

But in the interest of honestly, I will tell you anyway...

Remember a few months ago my amazing husband took our two little kids to visit his parents in Florida and I got two weeks of freedom? Well... it's happening again! Everyone in my house--other than me--will board a plane on Saturday bound for California, and they will be gone for 16 days, sailing with my in laws on a Disney cruise bound for Hawaii.

(Now, before you say "Why in God's name aren't you going?!?!?!", let me inform you that I have no desire to go--at all. I have a ton of writing to do, not to mention the last cruise I went on I go so seasick that I vowed never to set foot on a boat again.)

The trip was sort of out of nowhere, but we are all very excited. My in-laws work for Disney and they get last minutes deals on the Disney cruises, and basically we are paying less than fifteen hundred dollars for three people to go on a 14 night cruse--and that's not per person, that's total. At regular fare, it would have been over eight thousand. Yeah, so it was almost impossible to turn down.

What do I have planned? Why, thank you for asking. :-) I will be finishing my WIP. (Yes the same one I was working on the last time I had a break.) Yeah, yeah, theoretically I should have finished it a while ago, but in my defense, I have had two books to edit in the meantime, so it has been on the back burning for a few months. But this time it will absolutely be done before the family gets back. That is not a pipe-dream this time, it is a necessity. I no longer have a choice. It needs to get done so that Superstar Agent can take it off to market, and so that I can get to work on THE HOLDERS book 2, which is due in March.

Also, baby brother will be coming to visit for a few days, which is always fun.

So, now that you are thinking that I am a horrible person whose own family can't even stand to be around so they run for the hills every chance they get... what are you up to this fine week?  :-)


  1. Okay fine - I'll accept the seasickness excuse. Have a mahvelous 2 weeks!

  2. That's incredible! Here's to making the most of your time alone and clocking in as many words as you can! :)

    1. Already got the counter set up and ready to go! ;-)