Wednesday, July 27

When you are a best-selling author...

Back online! (again...) After the crazy storms of the past weekend, my entire street has been without internet now for almost three days, but we are back up! Why it always seems they have to create problems to fix problems is beyond me, but that's a whole different matter...

So, nothing major on my mind today, but I do have a question for all my lovely readers. Most of you are as-of-yet unpublished writers, and I know I am not the only on who sits on the couch and dreams of all the great things I am going to do/buy when I become a best-selling author. Come on, we all do it. We all picture ourselves on the best sellers list, seeing a line out the door at our book signings, speaking and sitting on panels at writers conferences, and so on. Don't be ashamed, hell, what else do we have to keep us going if not our dreams--pie in the sky or otherwise. So my question to you is just that--what will you do with all your money? Now, yes, we are all going to pay off debt, send the kids to college, etc, etc, but what I mean is the fun stuff. The sort of stuff you think about at night before you fall asleep? Here, I'll give you mine:

  • I want to build us a big house where I can have an office/library where built-in bookshelves will be a must. Not too big mind you--not a full out mansion--I would have no idea what to do with all that space. Big, but not intimidating. It will also have an awesome kitchen where I can bake and cook without running out of counter space five minutes in. My hubby want's a running track going around the perimeter of the basement, but we'll see.
  • I will finally buy some make-up that isn't super cheap. You know the kind, the stuff that is actually embarrassing to pay for because it's the stuff that middle schoolers wear (I don't buy the middle school colors, mind you, just the brands), but it's cheap and does the job.
  • I will buy my husband a convertible. He had to get rid of the one he had just after we were married for something more practical, and I've always felt bad about that.
  • I will finally buy my underwear from Victoria's Secret, and get rid of the worn out, thread-bare, hope-to-God-I-never-have-an-accident-and-get-caught-dead-or-other-wise-in-these-things undies that currently fill that particular drawer in my dresser. (Side note: the panty thieving goat is more than welcome to visit my house anytime. I'll even leave the window open for him. Fair warning to him, it'll probably scare him straight!)
  • I will throw an awesome Christmas party every year for family and friends. The kind of Christmas party you see on TV and always want to go to, but never do because no one you know ever throws them.
  • Last, Hubby and I will renew our vows at Disney World (which is where we were married the first time), and this time we will fly all out guests down and pay for their rooms so they can enjoy without it costing them anything.
So there it is! Now it's your turn. Castle by the sea? Harley Davidson? House in the Hamptons? Don't be shy, let's hear them!


  1. I have always wanted a vacation house in Italy. Something small that I can visit when the pressures of being a mega-famous author become too much to handle. =)

    And I have to ask--panty thieving goat???

  2. HAHA! Sorry Adriana, I should have clarified...

    There is a me-me going around the writer blogs that I read about underwear. A lot of these bloggers are also my readers, so the comment was really for them. The me-me is a bunch of questions about your underwear, and if you don't answer them, the underwear stealing goat will come and rob you. I have actually been tagged onto the me-me, but haven't had a chance to do it yet. Sorry, that would be totally random without any context! Actually, it's pretty random regardless...

  3. You should have said, "Buy a convertible for my agent and editor." Bet a sweet book deal would come a lot quicker! LOL!

  4. I want to take a big vacation with my family each year. Now all we are able to do is go to the local amusement park, but it would be great to really travel and have the chance to show my kids the world.

  5. TomT - HA!! Why didn't I think of that! LOL! :D

    hannasmommy - Traveling is definitely on my list too. England, Italy, and Ireland to be specific.