Wednesday, May 23


All right folks, update time...

I know I've been lax the past few days, and as it turns out, my computer has decided she wants to turn onto a piece of crap. Took her into Best Buy today, and we may even have to put her down. This is being posted via my iphone, so forgive me it's riddled with errors, it's kinda hard to type this way.

Can't upload the ticker, but my word count is 19,748. Not shabby considering the circumstances, but not great either. I'll keep you posted, and thanks to those who have reached out to yell at me for slacking off! You guys are awesome!

But wait... do you hear that? No reliable computer... no way to write... yep, must mean the edits to my books  from both my editors will be here any minute. That'd be about right.


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