Wednesday, May 16


Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make...

At 6:40 pm last evening, my Husband and two daughters boarded a plane for Orlando Florida without me. The three of them have gone to visit my in-laws for... ready...


That's right folks, I am the only person in my house for the next two weeks, and since writing and being a mom are my only jobs, I have two weeks of freedom! A freedom I haven't had since my first daughter was born, two and a half years ago!

Guess what time I woke up this morning?


Guess who I had to make breakfast for?


Guess who can curse, whenever she wants, as loud as she wants, without having to worry about little ears?



But don't worry, great as the break is, I will not be squandering my time. Any writer I know would kill to have two weeks with nothing to do but write, and I promise you all, I will take full advantage of my gift. In fact, I am counting on all you guys to be my accountabili-buddies.

My Goal: To have my WIP finished before my family comes back. At the moment I'm only a few chapters in, so it's an ambitious goal to be sure, but I think I can do it. When I get into a book, I write fast, averaging a chapter or more a day, so if I buckle down and don't let myself get distracted by, you know, picking a TV series to start watching from the beginning, or watching a ton of movies on Netflix that I can't watch with my kids around, etc., I should be good.

Every day I will post my progress. I will be honest, and if I start to suck, it is your job to let me know it and, yell at me, call me names, etc. I will even get one of those WIP progress bar widgets for the blog, (which I normally hate as I think they are incredibly ugly).

Tomorrow will be my first official day--as today I need to focus on cleaning this house--and I will post my start stats then.

"The End", here I come! (But in the meantime, cookies, cleaning, and loud, inappropriate music, hear I come!)

(Disclaimer: The only thing that could possibly derail this plan is if I get edits on one of my two books from one of my Editors, as obviously those will have to come first.)


  1. Lucky you. :) The last time I had 2 weeks with no commitments other than to myself I was the summer I was 15. lol

  2. Woo-hoo!! I am GREEN WITH ENVY!!! To be honest though, I think I'd do more reading than writing if I had an entire two weeks to myself ;o) These days, I only get ten minutes here, ten minutes there to read. I would LOVE to spend an entire two weeks reading (and watching those chick-flicks my husband refuses to watch ;-)

    Have fun and enjoy!

  3. Carol - I know, it feels weird! Good weird though! ;)

  4. Angela - Reading is actually on the list! I want to get a good chunk of writing done with week, because there are 5 books out on Tuesday that I can't wait for! So, yeah, Tuesday and Wednesday are probably shot! ;)

  5. Wow, two weeks! I consider myself lucky to get away for a day or two every couple of years. Have fun.

  6. Suzi - I will have fun, as it will probably never happen again! ;) Thanks!