Friday, May 11

Over the Hump!

I am happy to announce that this morning I made it over the hump! :D

I think we all have 'humps' when it come to writing, or the part of the story that you really have to struggle to get through. For me it is always the beginning. I never know how to start a new book. I always know where I want to start, and what will be happening in general, but am usually unsure how to do it. And this last hump was particularly hard, because my WIP is historical, and I had to 'set the scene' in addition to pulling off everything else the beginning of a story has to do.

But happily, once I make it over the hump, I can fly, so with any luck this new book should be finished by the end of the month--provided I don't get edits in the meantime, as they will have to come first.

So my question is, what's your hump?


  1. For me it's the action. Whenever there is fighting or a 'big moment' it stresses me out. I worry that I won't be able to get it exactly how I want it.

  2. Angela - I hear you. I get that way too, but for me, those scenes are usually near the end, and being that close to done is usually enough to push me though. :)