Monday, January 24

Holy Revisions!

I got the list of revisions my agent would like to see made before approaching editors. Yay... kind of...
I have no problem revising, and I love all her ideas, but wow am I tired of looking at this damn ms!

All her suggestions are small things, nothing huge, but sometimes that's almost worse. It not like I can just go into the ms and change a little thing here and there and then move on - if only. For every change I make, I then have to go over the whole book to make sure the old 'thing' is never mentioned or referenced again, and a few of these changes I know I talk about several times throughout the rest of the book.

The only major thing I have to do that will take some serious thought is coming up with a title. My working title Bibbity, Bobbity, Do-Over is not going to work for publication, but I knew that going in. I couldn't come up with anything I liked for a title when I started this project, then when I wrote the actual line Bibbity, Bobbity Do-Over, I liked the way it sounded, and started using it as my working title. Now I have to come up with the real deal, and sadly, it's not as easy as I would have hoped. Carly and I are both brainstorming, but nothing is jumping out at me just yet.

There a few changes I'm not sure about - as in, not sure what she means by them. Normally I would send her an email, but since we are meeting her face to face on Friday, I won't bother her in the meantime, I'll just bring it up then.

*Sigh* Guess I should get started...

~ Mar

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  1. Meeting with your new agent - how exciting!
    I'm sure you are going to nail the revisions and love the book all the more, but I know just what you mean about having to find all the mentions throughout the novel.
    Also, can't wait to hear the new name! :)