Saturday, January 29

Oh, Canada...

Well, I'm back at the Toronto airport, waiting to fly home. I would have posted earlier, but the internet line in my room at the hotel didn't work. Blah. Plus I had no cell phone service, so basically I have spent the last to days in technology withdraw. Honestly, it's kinda sad how much it bothered me. Didn't realize how dependent I'd become...


Anyway, on to my meeting. I was great! Carly was so sweet, and it was great to get a chance to meet with her face to face. We had a bit of a delay in connecting though... The meeting was scheduled for 2:00, and I got there at about 1:15. I was really early, so I grabbed a table in the corner and waited. And waited... When 2:15 rolled around, I started to wonder if I went to the right place. The address was right, but it was a Starbucks, and God knows there are like a million of them, so I started to get paranoid. I got up and did a scan of the whole place, to see if I missed her. On the way back to my seat a woman - who had been there since I arrived - asked me if I was Marian. Yeah, we'd been sitting like five feet away from each other for almost an hour, because we both assumed we had arrived too early for the other person to be there yet. Go us.

So... once we actually met up, it was nice. She had the contracts for me to sign, and while I did, she looked over a list I'd brought of new ideas for possible titles. She liked a few of them, and while we still don't have anything concrete, we are getting closer.

She told me a little more about the agency, and which book fairs they attend. They are also working on a new website which looks great! I can't wait until they launch it! She told me a little about which publishers she is thinking of approaching once the ms is ready, and we went over some of the revisions I have been working on.

That was about it. It was only 20 or so minutes(we actually spent a longer time waiting for each other...), but I'm really glad she was able to come up to the city to meet me. It is really nice to now have a face to put with a voice/email.

Next step is to finish up the revisions to the ms, then she will go through and do a final edit. I definitely don't envy her there.  :) Then she will send the edits to me to fix, then I will send it back to her and she will send me more edits, and back and forth and back and forth until it is finally ready to take to the houses.

As for me, my flight is about to board, so I should pack up. Maybe later I'll post some of my title ideas and see what you all think. I really need some help! :)

~ Mar

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