Thursday, January 27

Toronto, here I come!

So I'm all packed and ready to go. Toronto here I come! Actually, I should be going to bed soon, as I have to wake up at 3:00am to catch my 5:20am flight. Meh...

My meeting my new agent Carly is tomorrow afternoon. I will be sure to post tomorrow evening and let everyone know how it went!

Thanks for all the well-wishes! You guys are great!

Till tomorrow,

~ Mar


  1. Just out of sheer curiosity, was it a mutual decision to meet face-to-face, or was it something she expected? I only ask because I've read other stories of people who've gotten offers of rep, and there's a lot of faxing, phone conversations, and emails involved initially. Very few mention traveling to meet in person. I think it's awesome that you will be meeting her face-to-face. I guess I was just wondering if this is the 'norm'.

    Best of luck with the meeting! :o)

  2. Angela - No, it is not the norm. My husband travels for work, and as luck would have it, he needed to be in Toronto this week, so I came with him to meet with Carly. Normally it is a lot of phone/email/fax, and will be for Carly and I too, but I thought it would be nice to meet with her, even if just the once.

  3. Best wishes! Reading your query stats was very encouraging. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and journey.