Friday, March 18

This is why we all need literary agents...

Ready for some perspective? I saw these on the blog of a one of the editors of a major publishing house in New York. She never names her house or gives her actual name but she writes under LadyLittlemore on several writing forums, some of you may know her. She posted these photos a while back. It's the dreaded 'slush pile'- aka. un-agented manuscript submissions/queries. Each of these photos are of the office of a different editor at her house.


I'd comment... but there's really no need.


  1. I need to print this out and tape it to my wall for the days I am so frustrated with querying that I want to give up on finding an agent all together! Finding and agent is tough, but wow is it necessary!
    Great post Marian!

  2. see that one about half way down the third pic? that ones mine. i knew that bright pink envelope would pay off! ha!

    jk :p

  3. Perspective is indeed the word!
    All those poor writers...

  4. Hey Marian! Great post, and scary. Eeps. I found you from QT (I'm raven1). I love your blog! I'm following you now. :-)

    BTW, Jane Eyre is one of my fave books of all time! I've been hounding my husband to buy me the Masterpiece Theatre DVD for I don't know how long. Since he still hasn't, I'm totally making him take me out on a date night to the new movie. HEH.